I attended a meeting on Wednesday last 29th August 2018 with Tony Canavan Chief Health Officer CCA2 and public representatives in relation to the Rosalie Unit.

Tony Canavan stated at the meeting that the HSE has no intention of admitting new residents to the Rosalie Unit.  He also stated that he expects that the independent clinical assessment process regarding the current twelve residents will be completed by mid-September.

Seven options regarding future use of the Rosalie Unit were presented at the meeting ranging from respite services for children to residential care for older people.

We clearly know that we have real challenges in relation to the delivery of mental health services in Roscommon.  I made it very clear at the meeting that we need to properly provide for the 12 residents currently in the unit and their families along with future individuals who may need this type of service. Of course, I want to see people being supported in the community where this is possible. However, there are people who cannot cope at home and it is therefore critical that we properly support these people. I made it very clear at the meeting that we want to see the Rosalie Unit being developed and enhanced in order to provide for the needs of these individuals who have many and varying needs.”