Increased resources and better awareness are needed for the implementation of the Istanbul Convention to be effective, Fine Gael Senator Maura Hopkins has said.

Yesterday (Monday July 1st) the Convention entered into force after being ratified by Ireland on International Women’s Day this year.

Speaking on the matter at the Council of Europe in Strasbourg last week, Senator Hopkins stated, “The Istanbul Convention is a comprehensive measure to combat violence against women, whether that be domestic, sexual or psychological.”

“Criminalising these acts strengthens the protection afforded to women because we know that violence against women, in any form, can and does have a massive impact on the lives of victims.”

Senator Hopkins continued, “The Convention establishes a robust framework for Governments to ensure action in order to work towards eliminating violence against women and girls.”

“The Convention provides an impetus for change, but it needs now to be backed up with proper resourcing, key to this is ensuring that proper supports for victims are put in place and ensuring that victims have timely access to justice.”

Senator Hopkins concluded, “It is essential now that we make the change real for affected women and children, increasing their safety and wellbeing is of upmost importance. It is crucial that we see implementation of Convention measures without delay.”